2017 — My 1 Second Everyday.

I had planned to write quite a lot about my experience in filming at least 1 second of video every day this year but I’ll keep it short and sweet.

It’s been an awesome experience.

It really has changed the way I’ve viewed each day. Not on a grand scale but in the important moments. When you might not be up for doing something, seeing a friend, going somewhere. It’s a helpful push to go out and do it. It pushed the question, “how do I want to remember today?”.

It has also helped me to look back on my year with a far better memory. Days have blurred less in my mind and there’s been a lot that’s happened. Changes in almost every area of my life and a video to feel really proud of.

Throughout I was motivated just as much by the challenge of starting and finishing the video. In the final month though I’ve realised just how much I’ve benefitted from doing it, so I’m going to be carrying it on into 2018.

Here’s the video of 2017 through my (four) eyes:

To find out more about 1SE and create your own video diary, check out the project here: https://1se.co/

Wishing everyone a healthy and fulfilling 2018.

Love, Oli x

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