I Don’t Know Who You Are, But I Am Rooting For You.
Mr. Walker

I read the techpoint article. yes it was extreme and does attempt to stifle creativity and you are right on being spontaneous and creative.

Still there is a big difference between an idea in itself and its -[ execution ]- .

There is nothing wrong is desiring to have an idea close to perfect (which is a relative term).
Being a risk taking creative person and wanting something close to perfect are not mutually exclusive.

Its 2015 . Standards do exist in app design and from my user experience perspective (& as Nigerian developer), Nigerian devs take building standard stuff to unseriously. They just focus on the idea and well…

An app as badly looking as nairaland (which caught on very early) most likely wont gain traction (or stay alive) again because people are now aware of what should be. Also the competition is now very high.

Yes one doesnt have to wait for perfect, but one should push for “standard”.

How do we attract global attention if we still build shit. Im yet to see the site/app from the valley that got solid investment and backing that wasnt standard (not necessarily perfect). A good idea badly executed will depend on God or luck (ask flappy bird creator. not everyone can be that lucky) to succeed and _stay alive_.

Our devs and startup founders should actually be encouraged to aim for nearly perfect if they can.

Lastly one of the reason why many people are scared to launch their ideas isnt just because “the country” is very critical (generally we arent even informed enough to be as critical as you make it look), its majorly because a large percentage of devs dont have safety lines and are afraid of failure. Many devs in Nigeria are from lower middle class families where expectations strangle the spirit of risk taking.

Just my tiny opinion as a Nigerian developer from the commonest pool, privileged to work with …

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