My dear Uncle Frank, I wish I could snap my fingers and take away all the lies circulating about you. You were a good man, gentle, soft spoken, yet very firm, very upright.

A lot of Nigerians didn’t get you, how can they when all we’re used to is the opposite of you. Your ways were different. Now they want you to be remembered this way. I can’t stop all the false news making rounds in the media. But I can put this out there for posterity and for truth.

You put out so much good in this world, your generosity can never be forgotten. Your mind was way ahead of your time both academically and in perception. Peace loving and humble, I still haven’t met a Nigerian or any other man like you, they called you weird but I know you just stood against any useless culture or custom, you played by your own rules, you lived and you did it your way.

I only have the fondest memories of you. Your camera at every family event taking the most random photos and mailing it to each person after developing them yourself, your warm embrace and contagious smile. I remember when you pointed out to me and my mom that it was a good thing that I don’t sulk after a beating or being scolded cause it shows I don’t keep grudges before then my mom didn’t get it, she always wondered how I could be cheerful once I was done crying. You always seemed to do your best to understand yet we hardly understood you.

Being a man of few words, you loved to write and shared your life experiences more by writing. Like when you told me of Nneka’s run in with robbers several years ago. You had it on paper and gave me to read. It was well detailed like a news report.

My uncle, the professor how can we remember you this way, the world has forgotten so soon, your contribution to your field, your academic and research accomplishments referenced internationally. Now all that appears when you’re Googled is the work of unseasoned writers spreading lies with no form of investigation or proof. You’d be appalled.

I’ll never forget you, I’ll have the best memories of you. You were never alone and now, you’ll never be alone.