A night with the stars.

Based on the beliefs of several Native American tribes, including Navajo, Pueblo, and Hopi, Spider Woman is associated with life on earth. She taught us, humans, survival skills. She also taught us the art of weaving, planting trees, hunting, etc. Considered as a very important goddess, Grandmother Spider is the “Creator of Life,” “The Great Teacher.”

Her webs, metaphorically, signify the core of our societies. She watches over everything that exists on Earth, and with her power, she weaves the fabric of time. Regardless her mothering care, she can be destructive at times; however, her beneficial love towards life has brought her to create what we see today through her thoughts and dreams. She is the creator of the Sun, fire, and Moon. She taught us the making of ceremonial magic. She taught us how to live in harmony connected to our surroundings- All life is seen as a network within which each individual is one strand.

I recently had the experience of being surrounded by darkness in the vast openness of the countryside. Above me, the Milky Way expanded itself across the sky from side to side. I found myself in owe mesmerized by the closeness of the infinite and the almost disappearance of my body leaving only my mind and my astonishment as the lasting trance of my being. I guess it has been a long time since I had stopped to realize how small I am in comparison of what is around me. Since then, I have hold sentiments of compassion and humbleness towards mankind given that we believe we are in control of everything we see, touch, feel, smell, you name it. I experienced the disappointment of such belief in five minutes remembering the great Milan Kundera’s novel The unbearable lightness of being.

Finding myself lacking of a body in the dark with the only source of light: the stars, makes me to inquire about the probability that all what we can hold is consciousness and there is something else bigger than us, beyond and above us. An unexpected eye could be watching us from a distance, and, from its perspective, we can be another star in its universe. Therefore, I can say that I am a tiny part of this perfectly created fabric where my body is relatively present, and, around me, there is an incredible web that transcends Earth and goes way further than our understanding.

If I rather believe that beyond the boundaries of our sky there is another world connected by the Spider Woman web, then I can behold the satisfaction of unveiling the notion that I am not alone while I look at the sky and the night covers me with its mantle full of stars.

I read that Grandmother Spider is -the Corona Borealis- sitting in her web, -Hercules constellation,- and she watches over the land. I can’t assure this information is completely accurate whatsoever; but, I most definitely say that it is a pretty myth that gives greater significance to it. For that reason, I like filling myself with peaceful thoughts and genuine consolation that I will never be alone as I am part of the universe and a Grandmother Spider’s granddaughter.

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