First Okcash Embassy — Canada sparks the crypto revolution

Bitcoin and Altcoins are here to stay, they help the people to avoid the centralized methods of payment with high fees and low times, where the technology being used is filled with security flaws and inconsistencies.

The Crypto revolution has started, where the users DO own their money, they hold their private keys and they are in full control of their finances with new tools that empowers them and their businesses.

Okcash is one of the first cryptocurrencies following the real Satoshi vision of decentralization, consensus and empowerment for the people by the people, becoming day by day one of the most inclusive cryptocurrencies, with fast block times, a Long Term Sustainable Staking system (First of its kind / Parallel PoS version of Bitcoin PoW halving ) which makes it energy friendly and efficient, being able to run even on IoT devices (Multi platform).

This time Canada is taking the lead, the Canadian community have just launched the first Okcash Embassy in the world, making available for fellow Canadians the direct opportunity for trading their Okcash cryptocurrency for local currencies, and providing a direct place to learn more about Okcash, Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and how they can use this new technologies to empower themselves and gain new reach for their businesses while increasing their efficacy and saving on fees, or even for the new generations that want to learn of the cryptocurrency and IoT systems.

This new Okcash Embassy, increases the decentralization and resilience of the Okcash network, and places this technology one step closer for the new users, making their introduction friendly and easy to learn and adapt to their needs.

Congratulations for leading the crypto revolution!

OK Embassy announce in the OkcashTalk forums:

I’m pleased to announce that the very first OKCash Embassy website has been created for the community.

The OKCash Embassy offers multiple services.

  • We provide information about, what is OKCash, how to start and were to get some.
  • We can inform you about public ongoing projects and where to meet the community behind them
  • The Canadian Embassy, also provides a *peer-to-peer trading point

The OK Embassy website is Open Source

This is the Canadian OK Embassy and I encourage everyone that wants to take the time and commitment to have their own Embassy to do so for their Country.

Every OK Embassy can be different and if you make it in your own language, it’s even better! Having an embassy with different languages will increase the awareness and will be easier for foreign people that doesn’t speak English 
or barely, to have the information in their language.

If you don’t wish to add trading OK with your Local Fiat currency, you don’t need to have the trading pages.