OKCash block halving

When Bitcoin first started in 2009, the block rewards, on that PoW system, was of 50 BTC per block. On November 28, 2012 the first Bitcoin Halving happens and the block rewards went down form 50 BTC per block, to 25 BTC per block. This was the very first Halving in the Cryptocurreny world.

Today, 12 January 2017, the OKCash block halving happened at approximately 11:06 am Eastern Time(UTC -5:00). This halving is the point of OK history that brings the yearly 20% staking rewards, down to 10% staking rewards.

eg. 100,000 OK with 10% reward, will give you 10,000 OK by the end of the year, with small rewards throughout the whole year.

This halving will also cause a diminution of distributed OK, which also means that OK will become harder to gain and get rewarded for. Harder to gain and get rewarded from doesn’t mean that the PoS system changed, it just means that you will get half of what you used to get rewarded before the halving.

The next OKCash halving is being currently estimated to happen Aprox on the 07 March 2018 22:04:10, could be a day after or before depending on Network speed. This will cause a reward drop from 10% to 5% yearly. Over the years, OK yearly rewards will go lower as other Halving will continue to happen, but the rewards will never go lower that 0.03%, which is estimated to happen in 2044.

Please note that the halving are estimated with the current total weight of the Network. The first estimations that can be found here were estimated with the entire Network staking 24/7, which means that every single OK that has been mined from genesis block (the very first block of the OKCash Network) are being staked.