OKCash, your future bank in your own living room!

OKCash is a Proof of Stake (PoS) cryptocurrency that gives a fixed percentage of income per year (Presently 20%, and in January it halves to 10%) as a stake. The income is given throughout the year.

This means you will get your Stake (income) after a certain amount of time, determined by your “weight” in the blockchain. If you are familiar with other cryptocurrencies, your weight can be seen as if it was your hashing power. The more weight you have, as determined by the amount of OKCash you have in your wallet, the bigger the income (since the income is a fixed %) and the more often you get your stake.

Example: If you have 10,000 OKCash in your wallet and you don’t touch it at all for a whole year, you will have 11,000 OK (10,000 + 1,000 stake) at the end of the year. As I write this, the current price of OKCash is 1062 satoshi on http://www.Bittrex.com .

That would mean that by just having your device connected to the internet a whole year, you would make 1,000 more OK as a stake, which means 1,062,000 satoshis (1,000 * 0.00001062) more (or 0.01062000 btc) being equilivent to earning an additional $6.72 USD. The price of OKCash has been extremely increasing in the past week (a jump of 400+ satoshi) and continually increasing, means that $6.72 can become $15 or possibly more!!

The OKCash wallet is easy to use and has a nice GUI (Graphic User Interface). It shows the amount you are staking at the moment, your available balance. You can notice that there are incoming transactions with a dollar bill icon. That means you just got your staking income!

Right now the OKCash wallet is available for Windows, Ubuntu, MAC OS X, Raspberry Pi and Pine (ROKOS). There are tutorials for the Windows and Ubuntu online right now. Raspberry Pi will come in a few days as there is a new software coming up and I want to release the tutorial on the new one instead of the old one. What’s for MAC, I haven’t been able to have access to a MAC image that would work on VMware or VirtualBox.

Also, for all the businesses that think OKCash is a great currency and that believes in it’s future, you can register your business at http://okyourday.com and start accepting OKCash right now and start to make income (staking) your coins by tomorrow!

Here is a link to the OKCash forum with all the current tutorials available on YouTube, Reddit, Twitter and Facebook.
http://okcashtalk.org/index.php/board,45.0.html . If you have any questions about the tutorials, you can come and ask them to the forum posts, dm me, or join our community on discord at http://discord.me/cryptocurrency . You can find me with the alias @shbour.