Run That Back: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s ‘E. 1999 Eternal’ Is Bleak But Beautiful
Ryan Joseph

This is my #1 favorite album of all time. My entire (rural) town was bumpin’ this on a loop when I was 12–13. Everyone I knew had a copy. Weird album? Yes, but one of the most tightly cohesive rap LP’s ever. It’s music that creates a dark & eerie feeling and transports you out of reality for a bit.

’96 was the last great year for music. Then Clinton signed the Telecommunications Act of 1996 & it all went downhill. Even Bone’s music became more “radio-friendly” and homogenized after this album. I’m sure losing Eazy and having to deal with Tomica played a role too.

Ahh, what I wouldn’t give to return to ’95 & get back the mood & sound of that era. Just before we lost 2Pac & Biggie and gained N*Sync & The Spice Girls.

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