Why Being Realistic Feels Like Doomsday Thinking
Joe Brewer

Why? Simple. Because doomsday IS reality.

Bringing kids into this hostile world just doesn’t make sense. What about the child’s quality of life? I certainly wouldn’t want to be around when climate change has reached its zenith and the world descends into chaos, but that’s just me. Never mind that there are millions of kids out there who already exist and need loving homes. Adding another resource-sucking human to the world doesn’t serve anyone except for the selfish parent who wants their own DNA replicant. #sorrynotsorry

Overpopulation is as much to blame for deforestation, pollution and climate change as our behaviors are. More humans = more war, famine, disease, crowding and destruction of the planet. Forget recycling and “living green.” Not having kids is the single most important contribution you can ever make to saving the planet.

Great article, btw.

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