[426] Of Creative Nonsense, “OhCeeD”, et al.

Because Zenith Bank won’t let me make transfers without asking for a new Payment Reference or Purpose every time, I’ve mastered the art of typing funny references/purpose like, “ahaksskldfdhj”, “jasgauagban”, “rkrkfncnsk”, “agahakanakmao”, “OsunOndo”, “kalapehnsd”, “OhCee29”, “lajaapajna”, “Kwukwelit”, “OruOmFe”, et al. for them.

Today, it was “Hehehe” that came to my mind and I put it out there for them. Thankfully, this isn’t going to a client, else he’ll make certain that I’m crazy. Which I’m not!

One day, few weeks ago, it was this: “OhCeeD” as in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder [my initials go like this: O.C.C and I pronounce as: Oh Cee Cee [particularly, Oh Cee] but since I’ve used OhCeeCee once upon a transfer, OhCeeD was the next bet].

This myriad of letters strung together to form words, are meaningless almost on a daily basis. When you, on the other end, think you’re beginning to make sense of them, they fall apart like a house of cards.

It’s one thing to strive for creativity and another to strive for specific creativity on mundane things. I choose not to engage in the latter but I’ll humour the folks at Zenith Bank so that when next they — for whatsoever legal and financial reason — pick up my bank statement, they’ll see what they’ve made me become.

I think next time, I’ll exhaust all possible vowel-string forms of laughter like, “Hihihihihi”, “Hahahaha”, “Hohohohohoho”, “Huhuhuhu” and as an addendum, “Kikikikikiki”.

That will certainly give me a persona non grata status in the room of normalcy but then…

Nobody should be ever allowed to pass through this new Payment Reference or Purpose — every time. Sigh!

Image Credit: Medical Xpress

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