Beach Bodies and Bikini Bottoms

"Does my butt look big in these
She asked, thrusting her bikini clad ass in my face
As I completed my sit up reps
Because you see
We had a beach date at the weekend
And you can’t go to the beach
Without having the ultimate beach body
Those rock hard Zac Efron abs
Those high def Channing Tatum arms
Those Baywatch boobs that bounce in slow motion
Above washboard flat stomachs
That you never really see in real life 
Except on the cover of Men’s Health magazines
And in Dwayne Johnson feature films
But we starved ourselves anyway
Worked our bodies till they almost gave way
And never skipped leg day
It’s really very ironic
How we fat shame big girls 
And make them starve themselves skinny
Just to then tell them
That men only like girls
With a bit of meat on their bones
But that’s the problem really
When our worth is attached to physical appearance 
When we decide to work on our summer bodies
Only because we want that “slather me in oil” body
That’s photoshopped unto magazine pages
Only because we want to have that beach body
That looks perfect in bikini bottoms
So sorry dear, your butt doesn’t look big in those
But they’re perfect just the way they are

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