First of all I want it understood that not all biker clubs are bad. The American Motorcycle Association Sanctions clubs that are not outlaw clubs. The Over the Hill Gang is a club with members over 40 and in the early 60s I was in the Key West Angels which had mostly servicemen.

I have known many bikers good and bad and I am not going to mention names of clubs or members. I do not know real names or addresses. All files relating to the bikers I did business with are long gone. Most of the Bikers are in prison or dead.

Most of the white bikers do not like Blacks. My ex wife knew one that liked her almost as a sister. When he heard that she was getting married he went by the bar where she worked and said that he wanted to meet me. She called me and asked me to come and meet him.

We got along well and he gave us his blessing. He told me that this meeting never occurred. This man looked like a very nice man. He looked like professional type. He was well groomed and well spoken. A few years later I saw him on TV. He was number 1 on the 10 most wanted list until he was caught that day. He was the national president of one of the most notorious clubs.

I did the taxes for bikers that were also truck drivers. Most were in the same club. It was a club that was thought to be involved with drugs. The Feds thought that they sold drugs at the truck stops.

The first encounter was with a man who had a truck. I only met his wife. I was working for the firm that would later become mine. The boss asked me to try to collect some old unpaid accounts and his was the first. His wife answered the door and let me in. She called him into the room and he was big and tough looking. It turned out that he was real nice and he paid the money and apologized for being so late.

He was the president of the club.

I set up a trucking company for the widow of the previous president. She was in her fifties and had a high paying job with one of the automakers. She bought a few trucks. She financed them all. Club members were the drivers for her company.

I got a subpoena from the US Attorney for the records. I took what I had in and the man said that the money for the trucking company was from her husband’s and the club’s drug business.

They had confiscated the trucks.

I told him that according to her income and the fact that all of the trucks were financed the there wasn’t much of a chance that the drug money was used. There is no unexplained income. There are statements from the companies that the loads were hauled for. Everything seemed to be in order. The US Attorney returned the trucks.

A week later IRS confiscated the trucks for suspected tax fraud. A tax attorney took over her case and the last I heard she got the trucks back.

A few accounting business have been robbed in the area so I carried a 38, A biker came in. I had known him from Jacks Lounge. This guy was a pussy cat but he looked scary.

When he left the receptionist said, “Lee, will you handle the money.”

“I can’t have the interruptions while I am with a client. If you want you can have the gun”

She said, “No thank you.”

I said, “If you are worried about the last client, don’t, he is a nice guy and a friend.”

She felt better.

A lady I new was going to buy a bar. She tended bar at a topless bar that a biker club hung out at. I knew a few of the members and I got along with them.

The bar she was buying was down the street from where she worked. I went in to talk to her about doing he bookkeeping and taxes. After she left I was talking to the bartender. We noticed that about 10 bikers pulled up and she was worried. I stayed with her and talked to the bikers. I knew them and it made her feel better. Just as they were getting ready to leave 4 more came in from another club. Again I knew them too.

I noticed some friction between the two groups. I talked to both groups and the left. I stayed for a while longer and left.

Bikers can be a big problem. Some of the gangs deal with drugs and firearms. One thing I have always done is treated everyone with respect and as an equal. Because of this I can usually get along with everyone, even if they are bad guys.

I have spent my life studying people. In order to study people you have to be liked by people. I have known good people and bad people. I have noticed that there is some good in everyone. Well almost everyone. There is also some bad in everyone.

Whenever you meet someone that you don’t like look for some thing that is a redeeming quality. Use that quality and you may have a new friend. And then again the may be an asshole with a redeeming quality.

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