Setting Goals

Notes from my teacher Jim Rohn

Goals are your vision of the future. There are 2 ways to face the future;

  1. With apprehension
  2. With appreciation

Most people face the future with apprehension, why?

Because they don’t have it well designed. They left the design of their future to someone else. If you don’t make plans of your own you will fall into someone’s else’s plan and guess what they have planned for you, hint: not much!

Your ability to design the future is your promise and what is connected to the promise is the price — the price to pay.

The price is easy if the promise is clear.

The price seems almost too much to pay if the promise isn’t clear.

Get a handle on the future, set your goals, design your own future.

How to set goals

Simple: decide what you want and write it down, whatever you want, you want to have your banker come to you? You want to forget a million in an account, you want to buy your momma a house. Whatever you want. No matter how small, silly, petty, outlandish, it’s your life. Design it.

Here is a crazy one: Set a goal to become a millionaire (in dollars)

Not for the money but for what it would make of you to achieve it. The greatest value in life is not what you get but what you become.

Key Phrase:

  1. Set the kind of goals that would make something of you to achieve them.
  2. Don’t set your goals too low; don’t join the easy crowd. You won’t grow. Go where the demands are high, go where expectations are. high so it would push you, stretch you, develop your muscles and strength and skill.
  3. Don’t sell out (like Judas), don’t compromise: the greatest source of unhappiness is self unhappiness. Don’t compromise your values. Don’t compromise your virtues.
  4. Behold the possibilities of your future, the promise and beware: don’t sell out.
  5. Set the kind of goals that would transform your life.

With Heart,