The Art of Seduction: My one paragraph summary

I decided to do summaries for all the books I read. Here goes nothing.

Seduction is far from being a tool employed by women to enthrall men. Men got the gist and effectively moved to employ seduction in sparking and retaining interest from women. The mastery of seduction whose ultimate end is physical pleasure is to retain the desire, or to continously hold the mumu button of the seduced. There are some that would never be seduced, you can’t seduce everyone and you can usually know from non verbal cues. Keys to succesful seduction include:

  1. Choose the right victim
  2. Start off on a neutral ground: go in as a friend and make her feel secure
  3. Send mixed signals, be hot and cold but everything in moderation.
  4. Appear to be desired by others.
  5. Create a need. Be scarce, stay unreachable and come back hot.
  6. Be unpredictable, the world is already boring enough.
  7. Intrigue her, take her to fantasyland, be the missing element in her childhood.
  8. Make your move.

I felt a less Christian reading this one. He actually spoke about using reliigon to create an effect tsk tsk Robert Greene do you touch your mother with those hands!

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