Who Moved My Cheese: My one paragraph summary

Change is the only thing that is permanent. Most people like to believe they know this statement and are not afraid of change. In essence most of us are afraid of change 100, leaving our field of expertise, our passion or our calling. The book is a story of 2 mice and 2 really small people hustling for cheese. The two mice were observing the situation and once the cheese went “missing” they hustled immediately to look for new cheese in a maze. Meanwhile the other two people kept coming back to the old cheese spot hoping it would come back. Eventually one person decided to put on his big boys shoes and go out to look for new cheese. Before he was scared that the unknown might happen. But eventually he discovered it wasn’t half as bad. Disappointments and near misses are part of the deal of life. Just choose to change and things will start to change for you. Use the fear and imagine what you would do if you were not afraid!

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