Some quick thoughts about Android Oreo

Just wanted to write some of my thoughts regarding Android O down as I’ve been running it for a few days. Overall, Android O has been great. The white notification bar really condenses non-essential notifications which allows texts, Allo messages and etc to really take the spotlight. I thought the white notification bar would get on my nerves but I’m actually quite liking it. If I had a toggle to change it back to black or keep it white, I’d definitely turn it back to black BUT you know…it’s not all that bad.

Android O is pretty much an incremental update from N with some needed changes. It has also brought forth some “Why in the hell did they change this?!” things… Google truly has never heard the saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

  • Google — You need to understand that notification dots are utter garbage and completely useless as you already have the notification at the top of the screen that is accessible throughout all apps. I’m seriously hoping that you won’t be getting rid of the notification tray in favour of the dots. That’s just a bad idea. These have been turned off on my Pixel
  • Google — You overly complicated notification settings! WHY!!?! When I first flashed Android O after it was released, I ended up finding my way into this section and boy was I lost. I felt as if I fell down the rabbit hole being choked by options. Remember that old phrase? KISS (Keep it simple stupid)
  • Google — We need to talk…your idea of “simplifying the settings" is basically how a 4 year old would order them. I know you want to attract Samsung users to stock Android and you make it easy for them (Not the sharpest tool in the shed, nah what I mean?). Setting up my Pixel, I literally couldn’t find any settings so I ended up using the built in search function.
  • Google — These adaptive icons are cool but they don’t all structure well. I can make Duo with the Teardrop icon shape and it looks like someone threw up on my shoe. We need to make companies follow the proper design guidelines. Worse case scenario we put their icon on a white plate to make then uniform.
  • Google — Battery hasn’t improved even though the plan was to. It seems roughly the same as Android N.
  • Google — Last but not least we have to talk about how you really botched your chances for an great launch. You had every opportunity to make the consumers happy. We watch the eclipse then a 2 minute teaser of the new Oreo statue but you don’t give any instruction about when the OTAs will roll out but yet you give first crack at the Beta program people who didn’t even know they were receiving the stable version! Next time let’s release the new OS to everyone.

That was a long list of dislikes but trust me that I really do enjoy Android O.

  • I like how fast my Pixel boots after restart
  • I like the white colour scheme but give me the option of switching back to Nougat black
  • I like how speedy my phone is and remained after the upgrade
  • I like how the low priority notifications are handled

At the end of the day, every Android version I’ll love regardless. I’ve been here since the beginning when Android came available in Canada on the HTC Magic in 2009 but Google you seriously need to get the versions under control. Just because you change a couple little things on the UI, it doesn’t mean that it truly deserves a version bump. Android O should really be an incremental version rather than a brand new one.

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