Ayaan Hirsi Ali Tour Cancelled Due To Security Concerns Is Devastating

What are your thoughts on Ayaan Hirsi Ali?

Should she have soldiered on with her Australian engagements?

What does the backlash against her tour say about the people who were threatening her safety?

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I woke up Monday morning in a great mood. This is unusual as Monday’s are usually a struggle for me. The reason I was so happy was because I had something wonderful to look forward to this week. I was attending the Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Hero of Heresy seminar in Melbourne.

I had front row seats and a meeting scheduled with Ayaan Hirsi Ali after the event. Imagine how wonderful the conversation would have been!

This morning I found out that the tour had been cancelled. I was disappointed and annoyed when I found out why it was cancelled.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is Somali born Dutch former politician and activist. Ali was a follower of extreme Islam but renounced her religion. As an apostate, she escaped to the Netherlands where she sought asylum. Ali later became a staunch opponent of Islamic extremism. She speaks out on the issues with Islamic doctrines, Islamic terrorism, Sharia law and cultural practices.

This has made Ayaan Hirsi Ali a number one enemy of Islamic extremists. She has a fatwa against her, receives constant death threats and requires 24 hour security. She cancelled her tour due to security and safety concerns. The tour organizers (Think Inc) had allegedly not provided Ali with the necessary high level security.

Syed Murtaza Hussain of the Council of Prevention of Islamophobia told Festival Hall that there would be 5000 protesters present if the event went ahead. Over 400 Muslim Australian women have also signed petitions against her visit, accusing her of hate speech and fear mongering.

I dont begrudge a person’s right to protest but the threats to Ali’s security and safety is unacceptable. The cancellation of Ali’s tour is depressing. I expected better from my country. But maybe I shouldn’t. Australia has fallen prey to the divisive identity politics agenda. All over social media I am seeing celebration of Ali’s cancelled tour. Apparently its a victory against fear mongering and hate speech.

Why is critical thought hate speech?

Since when is highlighting the truth within a religion fear mongering?

Ayaan is a champion of human rights and feminism She fights brilliantly against barbaric Sharia law requirements that have been violating global human rights for centuries. Her advocacy of global women’s rights has cemented her as a true feminist in a world so much pseudo feminism. She challenges both Islamists and Islamic apologists and has called for a global Islamic reform

Ali disrupts their agenda and that’s what makes her so dangerous to them. She chips away at their veil. Ayaan insists on facts, statistics, and reality as opposed to one dimensional victim hood prisms. Ali does not partake in over emotive and blind protection of perceived minority groups.

She’s accused of twisting the truth because of her own personal experiences. Whatever she says is representative in a portion of the global Muslim population. It’s not a one person experience. Apologists and minority fundamentalists always try to counter Ali’s ideology by dragging other religions into the equation in order to dilute the points she makes about Islamic extremism.

Islamic apologists like so called Islamic feminist Linda Sarsour try to obliterate Ali’s points with the same standard “not all Muslims are ISIS or terrorists”. Easy but stupid attempt at a shut down. Ali focuses on the issue of EXTREMISM which goes way beyond ISIS and terrorism. Sarsour has stated that Ali doesn’t deserve her vagina and that it should be taken away. What a feminist she is! How intelligent can Sarsour be if she can’t or wont acknowledge the factual problems of Islamic extremism beyond ISIS and terrorism?

The behavior of Western regressive liberals is more alarming than the Islamists. They claim to represent liberal principles but they do not. They have also participated in the security threats and celebration of Ali’s cancellation. These people have become willing yet blind pawns of the divisive identity politics game. Ali challenges current and fashionable modes of victim hood. Ayaan must be silenced.

The threats to Ali’s safety and security by Australian citizens is not a victory against hate speech. It’s a rejection of democracy and freedom of expression. You have to wonder about a group of people who are intent to silence someone from speaking that doesn’t promote violence and is not vile and abusive. They must be afraid of what Ayaan Hirsi Ali has to say. That fear is a sure sign indicator that Ayaan is onto something accurate.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s tour on the dangers of Islamic extremism is cancelled due to death threats by Islamic extremists and their sympathizers. Can anyone else see the obvious problem here? You got to laugh…otherwise you would cry.