Israel’s Right To Exist: Double Standards and Antisemitism

Does questioning Israel’s right to exist and no other nation’s right to exist equate to Antisemitism ?

Is there a double standard in regards to questioning Israel’s right to exist?

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There were few protests during my time at Monash University from 2003–2006. However, there was one moment of protest that stood out for me. Two disheveled white girls burst into my economics lecture screaming about Israel. They held signs stating “Israel Is A Criminal State”and “Israel Does Not Have The Right To Exist”. The girls shouted a list of reasons for their protest. They were ejected before they finished.

They were against crimes committed in the name of colonization. I wondered if these girls had thought beyond the scope of Israel. Had they thought about the land that they lived on?

Since then I’ve been monitoring anti Israeli activists and people who don’t believe in Israel’s right to exist. They all have one thing in common: Micro vision. Challenge them on that rigid structure. They become hostile.

There is a major double standard here.

It is certainly not antisemitic to question Israeli government or policy. Questioning Israel’s right to exist (and no other nation’s right to exist) is antisemitism hiding under the veil of social justice. At its core,it’s the western belief that Jews are a global power majority. Not so different from the identical view of Christians. Therefore, both are oppressors.

The English are, once again, at the root of this issue. The Balfour declaration betrayed both Jewish and Arab groups in their negotiations of the Palestinian land. They made promises to the Jews that they did not keep. The agreement stated “nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine”.

I don’t agree with how Israel was formed. I don’t agree with taking land from people who have been living on it for centuries. I’m against the ongoing land acquisition and West Bank settlements that the Israeli government continues to establish. If a Jew from Brooklyn has the right to a state in Palestine , then an Arab born in Jerusalem has a right to a state in Palestine. I have always been in favor of a fair partition state for both sides.

It’s small minded and prejudiced to only apply this kind of scrutiny to Israel. If you are to question Israel’s right to exist, then you must scrutinize other nations and their people’s right to self determination. If Israel has no right to exist, neither do the following:

USA and Australia

Both were massive colonial projects. Colonizers invaded both territories and committed mass genocide on indigenous natives. They stole land inhabited by indigenous groups, stole babies, implemented slavery and transferred settlers from other nations.


Pakistan was a 1947 colonial British project. A portion of India was carved out to create Pakistan. This was due to the demands of a South Asian Islamic state for Muslim Indians. It officially separated the feuding Hindu and Muslim Indian populations. Land was confiscated and millions of people were displaced. The partition resulted in the death of millions.

Northern Cyprus

In 1974 Turkey occupied one third of the nation of Cyprus. Greek Cypriot genocide and land theft was the result. Turkey transferred countless settlers from Anatolia. Only Turkey and Pakistan consider Northern Cyprus to be a legitimate state. However, the Nixon administration encouraged and allowed Turkey to invade.

The Northern Cypriot, Pakistani, US and Australian examples are rarely brought up in the name of justice and fight against occupation.

The Islamic need for a Muslim state in South Asia (Pakistan) is no different from the Zionist need for a Jewish state. Both movements are far more so political than they are religious.

Israel is the only UN state whose legitimacy is under constant question. It’s the only state that has been targeted for annihilation by another UN member (Iran).

A major difference between the colonization of Israel compared to the US and Australia is that the colonizers actually had some claim to the land. I’m not referring to a biblical promise made by God. God is not a real estate agent. That argument doesn’t interest me.

Jewish people originate from the Middle East. It’s their historical homeland. Jews were living in Palestine as “Palestinians” for centuries. Though they were the minority in Palestine and the Arabs were the majority.

Despite the horrors that Israeli settlers committed on Arab Palestinians they took in over fifty thousand refugees in 1948. Israel gave them citizenship and rights. This is a hell of a lot better than what the US did for Native Indians or what Australia for Aboriginals.

Arab Muslim Palestinians living in Israel were surveyed with the following question: Would you want to live in a separate Muslim Arab Palestinian state if it was created? The majority surveyed said they would rather stay on in Israel where they enjoy liberties and freedoms that they would not have in the other.

Next time you hear someone protesting against Israel’s right to exist, pay close attention. Listen without interruption and allow them to finish. If Israel is the only target on their agenda in the name of justice please educate them.

Bring up USA, Australia,Pakistan and North Cyprus. Let’s see what their response is…