Marine Le Pen: France’s Potential Salvation or Downfall?

What are our thoughts on Marine Le Pen?

Is she a benefit or a hindrance to France?

Would you vote for her if you were a French citizen?

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A wave of anti establishment sentiment has hit the globe and it’s just the beginning. Brexit followed by the rise of Donald Trump and his presidential campaign strategy sent shock waves throughout the world. The next predicted piece of this trend is Marine Le Pen. Le Pen is the leader of the far right party the French National Front. Marine is a front runner in the next French election. She is predicted to win the first round but likely to lose in the second round. The unpredictable wave of Brexit and Donald Trump have people either ecstatic or concerned that Marine Le Pen might become France’s next President.

Marine Le Pen grew up within the National Front party. She began her career as a public defender after graduating from the University of Pars with a masters in Criminal Law.Her father Jean-Marie Le Pen was the party’s founder. He stepped down after publicly stating that the Holocaust was a “detail of history”. Marine Le Pen has attempted to distance the party from its former extreme right wing past. Marine is a divisive figure. Some call her a racist and xenophobe whilst others believe that she is the person to bring cohesion and stability to France.


– Opposed to free trade.

-Against the current corporate tax system.

-Opposes Globalisation.

-Staunch opponent of the EU. Advocates French exodus of EU currency and the EU itself.

– Disapproves of France’s pandering towards the US.

-Strong stance against illegal immigration.

-In favour of mass reduction of legal immigration into France.

-Believes multi multiculturalism in Europe has been a failure.

-French citizenship should take priority over ethnic origin.

-Marine advocates for a strong and fruitful French relationship with Russia.

-She is a strong opponent of Islamic extremism, she defines as a ‘cancer on Islam’.

In 2010 Marine Le Pen was acquitted of charges accusing her of inciting hatred against Muslim communities. Anti racist and human rights groups brought a case against her after she compared Muslim street prayers to the Nazi occupation. The statement was made before public prayer was banned in France.

Her opponents call her racist and accuse of her causing division between communities in France. I have spent the last month studying her, watching her interviews and reading her interviews and statements. I have no found racist claims. Islam is not a race or ethnicity. It’s a religion, therefore any stance against Islam cannot be defined as racist. She has made it clear that her issue is with Islamic extremism. It’s problematic in Islamic nations and its disastrous every else. Seems logical to take a stance against this form of extreme incompatibility.

I can understand the appeal of Marine Le Pen. She comes across as a breath of fresh air in many ways. She’s anti-establishment and makes no secret that the elite’s time should be over. Her anti EU mantra is incredibly appealing. The EU structure is a disaster. Corrupt and debilitating to the majority of European nations. I understand her need for France to have their own autonomy and to make their own decisions, rather than being at the mercy of the EU. Is it any wonder that nationalist movements are so prominent in Europe now? Europeans are sick of globalisation robbing them of their national identities and eroding their social landscapes. Le Pen is correct in saying that the EU currency has crippled many European nations due to them having such different economies

It is not bigotry to oppose illegal immigration. Nor is it bigoted to want to reduce immigration. Millions of migrants and refugees have yet to be assimilated into French culture. The current overload of Syrian refugees into Europe makes it a perfectly logical and realistic stance. One of the many issues of EU policy is that nations have no say in immigration intake. Improved relations with Russia is important for France, the rest of Europe and nations like the US and UK. These are necessary steps in order to decrease global tensions.

In today’s context, what is considered conservative is often radical and liberal. It goes against the grain of the establishment. Marine Le Pen may well be an embodiment of this.