You Can’t Make A Living As A Writer Because Being a Writer Isn’t a Job
Ester Bloom

Ester, I am disappointed in your article about Merritt’s essay. The Billfold has posted non-judgemental stories of how people do money (including some real headcases.) Tierce is not an entitled trust fund baby she is working class. Have you read Love Me Back? It is a great American novel about a broke girl named Marie. In fact, I challenge the Billfold to make it a Reading Club selection. And Merritt wrote the book while raising two kids, going through a divorce, waiting tables, non-profiteering. Writing IS a job, even if you don’t get paid for it. Hours, days, weeks, months…hard work to finish something, lucky if you get to share it with the world with the backing of a good publishing house. Then you gotta go back and do it again. There’s the rub.

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