Where water isn’t needed.

Skin care products generally contain water as one of the first ingredients. Is it necessary? — By Keren Dahan

Water will hydrate you if you drink it, not when you lather it on your skin.

Facial Creams & Body Lotions

Did you know that your daily cream or lotion may actually be dehydrating your skin??

Water hydrates our skin when we DRINK it, but as a first or second ingredient in your facial cream or body lotion, it’s simply evaporating — and whisking away our natural moisture with it! We experience this after every shower. Of course the soaps we typically use break down our skin’s natural oils as well, but water certainly has a drying effect of its own.

Olive oil based cosmetics over water based creams & lotions

Ok, so what’s the solution?

You can make sure your creams & lotions actually support the hydration of your skin by using healthy oil-based moisturziers. Olive oil turns out to be the perfect contestant because not only is it non-codemogenic (doesn’t clog pores), olive oil closely resembles our own sebum production — much better than any other natural oil out there.

It also delves deep, being a ‘carrier-oil’, bringing with it natural vitamin A & E, age-fighting antioxidants and even improves flexibility in the skin as well as overall skin-health.

Nature Knows Best

Nature Knows Best

The owners at Olea Essence believe that nature’s skin secrets are best kept natural. This is why we’ve set out to create the best in natural beauty solutions without any additives, toxins, synthetic preservatives, parabens and the like.

Just as our products come from nature, our approach is to protect and maintain soil fertility and clean drinking water. This is why our factory is one of the first olive presses in the world to practice ‘zero-waste’ in terms of olive residues which would otherwise be harmful to both soil and water.

A Brighter, Cleaner Future

A Brighter, Cleaner Future

When large amounts of this raw material are spilled onto the soil, they seep into the waterbed and fertile soil — throwing off the natural chemical balances and cause havoc for our surroundings. Water becomes non-potable and soil, infertile. What is good for us, is not good for the environment on such a massive scale.

Healthy Earth, Healthy Home, Healthy & Youthful Skin

Today we make beauty products and even cleaning products from the olives after pressing. It’s super healthy for our skin because of all the incredible vitamins & nutrients the olives contain even after pressing and especially due to the free-radical fighting antioxidants that are found in abundance.

Any one of our clients knows that with every Olea Essence purchase, they are contributing to a healthy earth, a healthy home and healthy, youthful skin.

The Beauty is Yours, we help to Nourish it.