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As a full-stack developer, I have to switch between several programming languages in my day-to-day business: Java (backend), TypeScript (web dev) and Dart (mobile dev). In this blog post, I will try to demonstrate fourteen built-in language constructs in TypeScript and Dart which convinced me to believe that these languages are more sophisticated and flexible than Java. You can already see in the picture above how fluent you can build collections in Dart using conditionals and repetition. These features are called “collection for” and “collection if”. Neat? But there are more. As you could also see, the type information in Dart is preserved at runtime. The check if the variable listOfStrings has the type List<String> works fine at runtime. In contrast, Java has type erasure, which means that generic type parameters are removed at runtime. …


Oleg Varaksin

Thoughts on software development. Author of “PrimeFaces Cookbook” and “Angular UI Development with PrimeNG”. My old blog:

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