How to promote Telegram Channel

I love Telegram. It is not an ad, just a fact, Telegram is cool. It is fast and secure messenger, like WhatsApp, but it is better. I do not mention synchronization of accounts, two-factor authentication, and storing media in the cloud, you can read about that in other source. What is special in Telegram?

I use Telegram in different ways, like texting my friends, translate text through the bot, and get information from channels. Channels got all of my attention. I am a follower of news-channel, articles about IT, information about new books and more. About two months ago, I decided to create my own channel.

I am a Christian. Christian part of Internet is growing fast, each church has own website, many of the Christian Blogs, forums take place in the Interent Independent ministries such as have really big popularity. Thousands of people read everyday Bible verses on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram. Telegram launched channels about a year ago, and I realized, that there are still not too many Christian channels.

If there is nothing, we can create that! I made a name “Channel of God”, wrote a description and pressed “create”. My channel became on of the thousands. But with a good idea.

No, I did not have this statistics in the first day :(

If you want to create channel right now, stop and think. Why do you need to create channel? What will be unique, that other channels don’t have? Do you truly want to educate people your content with no return response, or do you expect that someone will buy advertising on your channel?

If you have something to say and something to share, make a channel.

I started to post everyday devotionals, inspiring messages and different songs. Basically, now I post same content, but soon new content and features will be introduced.

How to promote your channel?

  1. After you just created channel, no one knows about it. And no one will find it. First, share your channel with friends who has Telegram.
  2. Add your channels to different catalogs, like Tchannels or Don’t forget about catalogs within Telegram. I found huge list of catalogs here.
  3. Before the public announcement of channel write down 3–5 posts with pictures / links, so your channel does not look empty. No one signs up for an empty channel.
  4. Talk with creators of channels with similar category with yours, and try to get partnership, when both of your advertise each other.
  5. Put a link of channel to Facebook, Instagram or any other social network.
  6. Don’t write big posts. Format of Telegram is two paragraphs. People are lazy, they will close tab with your channel if they see long post. Everything should be short and informative.
  7. Connect 2 useful bots to your channel. First one is Controller Bot. It helps you create scheduled messages, which was very useful for me. And second one is Channels Stat Bot. It helps you track the number of members in your channel.

Now I have 110 subscribers, and it seems that people continue to join. Soon I’ll change the format of channel, it will be more interesting and informative about what’s going on in Christian World. But basics are set up, channel is ready to go deep into world of Telegram channels.

You can subscribe here: