Do What You’ve Gotta Do

A business can be compared to a tree. First of all a seed is planted, and then it is watered everyday for a year or so till it grows into a nice big tree with fruits and flowers. Starting a business is quite similar; however it needs more careful planning. Many people want to start a business and see it turn into a success story. In fact owning a successful business is a dream most college kids and young executives harbor. But this is where you have to face reality and understand that starting a business from a scratch is not child’s play or any sort of game. There is also a lot of difference between starting a business and making it a success in today’s advanced global market. A multitude of new business ventures fail every year because the people who start them lack strong planning or vision.

Most people see entrepreneurship as all about the risk. By going out on your own, they assume you are risking your assets, your work life, even your reputation for a slim chance of wild success. In fact, successful entrepreneurs are all about managing the risk… and doing whatever it takes to cut that risk down to the bone.

Entrepreneurs do not require a sky-high risk tolerance. They DO need the drive to learn all they can about the potential pitfalls and the creativity to find multiple ways to get around those obstacles. They need to put in the time and energy to learn their own business inside and out — where every dollar goes and how every dollar comes in, who the customers are and what makes them tick, who else is pursuing the same consumer dollars and how to stay a step ahead of them.

Starting a business means that you should get a clear understanding of why certain businesses succeed while others fail. You need to understand what you will get out of the business in tangible forms like market share and greater recognition, money to pay bills and to afford luxury, financial security etc. you should take a closer look at the problems that can have an adverse affect on your business and try to understand profit and loss ratio. If you identify the worse scenarios before actually starting a business then this shall work in your favor.

Risk-tolerance is an excellent trait for extreme sports, gambling, playing the stocks and other activities that are truly hazardous. Entrepreneurship does not require a tolerance to risk. In fact, it is intolerance for risk that sets the winners apart from the losers in the world of business ownership.

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