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First, if you haven’t seen “La la land” yet what are you waiting for and what are you doing with your life, and second, today I want to write about a scene in there that made me cry instantly. Well…one of them.

It’s a scene towards the end and, without spoiling it, I will just say it’s a scene where our female lead voices a painful conclusion/thought that she came to after all she’s been through career wise. It’s something that I relate to and something I think many creatives passionate about their work will think at some point.


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I’ve dealt with the occasional cold sore my whole life. I even remember having a photoshoot when I was in primary school and having one on those days and being so embarrassed about it and not knowing how to hide it so I kind of bit my lip and got a funny photograph in the end. But growing up I got used to them and did not get so embarrassed anymore. It is what it is.

This past month I got one cold sore after the other. Just as one from my upper lip was almost healed I felt the…

If you enjoy watching a certain sport and have some favorite players, then what goes on outside the courts and outside official events must be very interesting for you. For example how the player prepares for a match, what’s her/his lifestyle, how does she/he train, what’s the relationship with her/his coach and so on. All this leads to a better understanding of the game, but also to a better understanding of your favorite player.

The sport I really enjoy watching is tennis. After I began to understand how a match goes and its rules, I started to be interested in…

“Having a relationship with an audience is cool. I get it. As long as it doesn’t turn serious. As long as it’s “hooking up and home before sunrise” then everything is fine because They don’t feel about you the way you want them to.” (Mackenzie McHale, “The Newsroom”)

This should serve as a warning for people using social media. It is a thing we all should have in mind when posting something personal or not. Because people will judge you by it. This fits a lot to situations in which you might be sad and you update your status by…

Olga Petcu

I write. I read. I drink coffee. If not, I am probably watching tennis or La La Land or The Newsroom for the hundredth time.

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