00 — Trying out new things and sharing it

I asked myself again: What is my passion and what do I like to do? For many years my answer to that was not “architecture” (my old career), and “service design” is not the first thing that pops to mind. It’s “trying out new things”. And that’s true! If I have to choose between a place I know and a new one, I’ll go to the new one. If I haven’t tried it before, let me have it! I like to experiment with experiences, events, food, and just about anything. I thought: “If i like it so much, why not write about that and share”? Maybe it will inspire someone to do the same and be open to new things. Or show results so that others won’t have to do it.

You might notice a resemblance to Tim Ferris’s human guinea pig experiments. My experiments will be much more random and far from scientific. Just stuff I’d like to try out, just because. Hope you find it interesting, funny and maybe even inspiring.

What have you tried recently that you haven’t tried before? What do you suggest I try next? Thanks for reading and see you next time!