How to Learn a New Language Fast

When you’re on vacation and see some people able to speak three, four languages, well you’re first amazed, wondering how they manage doing that! Well here some tips on how to do the same easily.


  1. ‘Learn’ from 10 to 20 essential words a day (10 if you’re beginning, 20 when you’re medium, and upper if you’re high). Essential words are words the native speakers use in their everyday conversation. Don’t stress out memorizing random words that only appear once in a while like: monkey, bean…
  2. Always have a dictionary with you.
  3. Learn whole sentences, which might be used on a day-to-day basis. It helps you two-fold. One you will never get stuck speaking the language, and the more you learn the better.
  4. Work on their pronounciation. At first, you might make mistakes but after five or six times, you’ll see that you manage speaking this sentence very fast. isn’t that crazy?
  5. Keep practicing it, even though you are all alone. Read more books about the country, presidents if any. That will also help you. If not now, then later…
  6. Try watching movies/serials/news in that language. While listening to it, try and identify words that you already know. Watching movies help, because you might learn some words based on the context.
  7. If you are just starting, watch Sesame Street in that language. It may sound ridiculous, but plenty of children learn that way.


  • Don’t try to speak very fast and very good at first. you won’t manage! Be a little patient!

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