Remembering Nida Fazli, one of the most prominent poets of our time (12 Oct 1938–2016)

Nida Fazli wrote in several format of poetry from ghazals to nazms to dohas to songs; some of his film songs have set a benchmark, breaking the notion that films have no space for literary excellence. He was highly inspired by TS Eliot, Gogol, Anton Chekhov, and Takasaki.

Some of his writings:

The mosque is too far from home, so let’s do this / Let’s make a weeping child laugh.

“Har aadmi mein hotay hain dus-bees aadmi, jis ko bhi dekhna ho kai baar dekhna… (there are ten-twenty men in every man, whoever you want to see, see him again and again).

People of India and Pakistan, he felt, have similar and common problems. They want food, shelter, clothes, healthcare, education, good governance and infrastructure. People don’t need temples, mosques and churches.

Bachcha bola dekh kar, masjid aalishaan!
Allah, tere aik to itna badaa makaan!!
(A child upon seeing a mosque grand exclaimed,
God, you have such a big house!)

Nida wrote after his first visit to Pakistan:

Hindu bhi mazey mein hain Muslmaan bhi mazey mein
Insaan pareshan yahan bhi hai, wahan bhi !
(Hindus are having fun, so are Muslims,
People are worried here as well as there!)

Koi Hindu, koi Muslim, koi Isaai hai
Sab nay, insaan na bannay ki kasam khaai hai…
(Someone is Hindu, someone is Muslim, someone is Christian
Everyone is hell bent on not becoming a human being)

Badla na apnay aap ko jo thay wohi rahay,
Miltay rahay sabhi say magar ajnabi rahay!
(We didn’t change ourselves, we remained who we were
We kept meeting people and yet remained strangers.)