Nigeria: In need of Healing!

Two weeks ago, folks in Nigeria congratulated each other on the country’s 57th independence anniversary. As a departure from the past where drums were rolled out and billions of Naira spent, the occasion was a time to reflect on the road to nationhood for a nation with so much promise, but with very little delivered. As we reflect on what has been, what could have been and what could yet be, we must realize that the biggest responsibility of our leaders on all tiers is how to keep the Unity of Nigeria sacrosanct. This singular responsibility, it appears has become the most vicious divisive phenomenon in the hands of unscrupulous Nigerian politicians.

In a nation in need of a father figure, a rallying point and a uniting factor, President Buhari has left much to be desired. His Words. His Actions. His In-actions. They have been anything but fatherly. His utterances have pitched one group against the other. One religion against another. He has variously threatened, denigrated and sometimes out-rightly condemned a group for what he sees as not in tandem with his personal beliefs. Fathers are not meant to stoke fires of strife in their homes. Responsible fathers are not known to favor one kid above others. In the society, fathers are the first leaders children know and leaders must be exemplary. ‘One father’, says a 17th century English proverb ‘is more than a hundred school-masters’. 
 The astute politician would ordinarily seek the face of folks he didn’t consider to be on his side but the President has consistently disdained folks from the southeast, refusing to see the agitations from the region as a valid exercise. An impromptu tour of various erosion sites and an on-the-ground assessment of some road construction projects could have helped improve his likability among Ndigbo but the General is having none of it.

In 2019, Nigerians must rise up, look beyond the narrow prisms of religion,tribe and region to elect a man who can heal Nigeria. A nation bleeding with the consistency of a river in spate will not survive for too long. Nigeria needs a man who while speaking in Dutse have folks in Owerri listening with rapt attention. Nigeria needs a persona who isnt bound by the tribe of his birth but by the humanity that flows like blood in him. Nigerian cries out for that figure who commands respect from the thick rain-forests of Okpella through to the oil-rich swamps of Bonny to the Savannah grassland of Gombe.

Come 2019, Nigeria needs a Healer. A persona who will vanish the ghosts of divisive remarks. Nigeria needs a statesman who must first acknowledge humanity, sacrifice, diligence and other sterling virtues ahead of tribe, religion and other banal considerations. Out of nowhere must emerge a leader who will unite Nigerians with soothing words. We need a healer whose actions will neither evoke questions of hate nor imbue us with doubts of his love. Nigeria needs a messiah who is neither Jesus nor Mohammed. A messiah who will reach into every Igbo heart, a disgruntled Yoruba mind, a worried Hausa soul, a teary Efik face, a sad Fulani eyes, a bloodied Kanuri head, a dumbfounded Nupe ear, a beleaguered Itsekiri body and say the right words. THE RIGHT WORDS

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