Hello World, we’re Triggi!

We are creating a future of connectedness. Because we believe this will make our lives easier. Smarter. More exciting, more fun.

The key to this connectedness? A service that makes smart devices actually work together. This hasn’t been done properly, and that is why we are building it ourselves. We may not be the first, but we strive to be the last to enter the market.

We call it Triggi. Triggi is functional, relevant and easy-to-use and works in real-time. This way Triggi can do things that were not possible before. Making the lives of our end users easier and more fun.

We are the creators of Toon, the number one smart thermostat in Europe. We have a team with over a decade of experience in home automation.

Our goal? In five years to have a label on every box of every gadget, home electronic and smart device that reads: ‘Triggi qualified.’ Oh, and 100 million performed triggs per day worldwide.

Triggi. What’s your thing?

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