OLE is the next generation of IP economy?

Recently OLE, a blockchain-based social IP economy from OLive, has achieved great success in Vietnam. The OLive software has been online for less than two months and has achieved 1 million downloads, daily user increases, and over a thousand quality anchors. To express its gratitude toward users, on August 20th, OLive teamed up with JRRCrypto, Bizkey, CWV, Bixin, and PCHAIN to host an anchor selection in Ho Chi Minh City, called “Super Oliver, Shining in Vietnam”.

This event attracted the attention of media and investors. Drawing on the successful experience of the Vietnamese market, OLive’s corporate map will expand to other Southeast Asian regions.

The emergence of the blockchain has provided an epochal change in the status, organization, and application of knowledge. The flexible, agile, and iterative ability to form an insight into user value as the starting point of all its logic is what the era is known for.

The OLE value loop ecosystem exemplifies the blockchain era by including entertainment, online and offline transactions, and data asset trading. It contains numerous application scenarios, which comprise of OLive live broadcast, cultivation of key opinion leaders (KOL), KOL related content consumption, and commercial advertisements.

The OLive as a tool to generate traffic, through cultivation of KOL to enlarge the traffic. Finally, it can monetize the IP/ fan economy. IP communities have become the DNA of the new business ecology. In the age of mobile e-commerce, the most core business is social e-commerce. because today, to generate IP economy is our most important new channel.

These models have brought rich investment value to OLive. It also reinvents the ecological status to provide commensurate compensation. 
 Thought the token economy to distributed benefit, and with incubation of KOL business value. As a result, token market value will be locked by the sustainability of our IP economy model. These will enable the OLE has a strong ecology, via the incubation of certified trainees as an entertainment broker. Secondly, to enrich the OLE value via intricated interwoven with Social platform cooperation and oversea MCN organizations. Finally, it will derivative the IP economy with investment value. These scenarios are the new economy.

OLE has successfully embraced the digital age and reshaped the scenario of the IP economy. The design of the token economy makes consumer creation a more sustainable business. Under the token economy model, the anchor can make a profit, and the user can also profit from the viewing. The anchor does not need to be bound by the intermediary platform, and the user actively participates directly in the creation of content, rather than passively receiving it. Live broadcast ecosystems like OLE, which support the blockchain, have huge business opportunities.