The first Super OLiver shining in Vietnam ended in perfection

Since the launch of OLive live in June, due to the high rewards of the anchor, the audience can also benefit from watching the live broadcast. In two months, the number of software downloads reached one million, and the quality anchors exceeded 1,000. The new cooperation method has revolutionized the drawbacks of the traditional live broadcast industry. . Inject new vitality into the live broadcast industry.

On August 20, 2018, at 19:00 Vietnam time, the OLive live broadcast platform teamed up with JRRcrypto, Bixin, CWV, Pchain and Bizkey to host the first Xingyao Vietnam. This was an event to thank the Vietnamese users for their support. The Super Anchor Festival final was held at the Johor Bahru Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. On the scene, the 10 anchors Carrie competed in the brutal talents and finally competed in the top three. The champion was Lanara, the runner-up was Lucy, and the third runner-up was Quốc Anh.

The presence of Vietnam’s super-flow female star Hoa Minzy added a new look to the event. The two songs and dances she performed won fans screaming and screaming, bringing a new climax to the festival. At 8:20 pm, Channel V, Star TV, and Vietnam’s National Central Television station interviewed the top three champions and Hoa Minzy at the event, as well as in-depth coverage of the event.

The event also set up a lottery session, there are many good gifts. Many guest fans are broadcasting and promoting the festival. Through this event, I believe that more people will come into the live broadcast to contact the beautiful Vietnamese sisters.