The OLE added moments featuring atlas of its own anchorwoman.

Bear market: Plum blossoms come from bitter winter.

OLE has been launched since the fall of the Bitcoin price, and it has been more than half a year since. The OLE team has been working hard to iterative products and to upgrade the content of the product.

OLE is still in the upside in market performance. Adhere to the initial heart, and move forward, OLE has always insisted on the line of servicing users.

UGC content. A lot of money has not been splurged on marketing at each stage. In Vietnam, due to the good reputation of users, many local middle-aged users have enlisted with the OLE live broadcast anchor army, further enriching our content ecology.

In order to better serve the customers of the segmentation segment, create more experiences. Therefore, OLE has launched a paid live broadcast room to serve users with customized needs.

According to different user habits, the updated version of olive released a function similar to WeChat Moments. Users in different countries can get an overview of the anchor’s latest moment, dynamics and beautiful pictures around the clock. You can also pit ‘like’ to ‘share’ or ‘comment’ directly. At the same time, unlike WeChat, we can see the number of views in real time. Never miss grasping the real-time trending sorting of OLE, joining a discussion of the hottest topic in real time.

OLE products also add country classifications that automatically match the location of the anchor based on the region in which the user is located. The unified language enhances the interactivity of users in the live broadcast room.