The OLE Weekly Report(July 20)

Product News:

OLE officially launched FCoin’s FOne segment, which became the first online project in the JRR trading area.

The new version of OLive goes live, achieving zero latency for global interaction.

The OLIve implementation automatically selects the appropriate update version based on the system language.

Add a gift special effect, the gift reward effect is more three-dimensional.

The OLIVE software completes the live HD camera push stream, and the App end pulls the test, which already supports live broadcast.

OLIVE completes the wallet App account system setup, and can set the login and payment password.

The well-known Bitcoin wallet coin BIXIN supports access to OLE.

Visit our wallet demo:

Activity dynamics:

1、The registration of our Vietnam anchor beauty pageant on August 20th will be closed on July 29.

2、Invited to the Vietnamese government staff, the world's top entrepreneurs to participate in the event.

3、Malaysia, Japan, and China's mainstream official media are invited to promote this offline beauty pageant.

4、Invited to the famous star fans in Vietnam to have more than 1.116 million fans as special guests.

5、Before the August 1st, a total of 100 anchors shared their links to their Facebook page, with a per capita rating of more than 100.

Community dynamics:

1、A new 500-person domestic OLE big WeChat community has been added.

2、Open OLE over-the-counter trading, if you are interested, you can scan the image below to enter the private group and chat with administrator.

3、On July 27th, the number of anchors reached a new peak of 100, and the total number continued to increase.

4、The number of Facebook page groups for the anchor on July 27 reached 210.

5、The number of Telegram international communities has increased to 900 this week.