The OLE Weekly Report (November 9)


OLE has reached a strategic cooperation agreement with multiple blockchain conferences to participate in the conferences as a strategic live media. The OLive login interface has been beautified to support users from more countries.

Chinese version:

Product News:

  1. OLive updates paid live rooms and consume OLE to watch professional content.
  2. The OLive login interface has been updated to support mainstream social software as a registration method, LINE, ZALO, Google+.
  3. OLive updates the page of recharge gift event. More benefits for the new user first-time charge and old users recharge certain amounts.
  4. Fixed some OLive design flaws.
  5. The OTC Wallet’s over-the-counter transaction completed the first batch of tests and added a new test list.
  6. The OLE wallet is accessing more erc20 standard tokens. At that time, users can add other currencies and collect, transfer, pay and otc transactions.

Activity dynamics:

  1. On November 11th, the OLE team was invited to attend the seminar on the infrastructure technology of the blockchain under the guidance of the Science and Technology Commission of Yangpu District, Shanghai.
  2. On November 20th, the OLE team confirmed the attendance of the Provenance blockchain developer conference in Seoul, South Korea, as a strategic cooperation media, and do live streaming of the main stage.
  3. OLE and Blockchainer reached a strategic cooperation. From December 7th to December 8th, OLE as a live media, high-definition straight for the China Blockchainer Forum 2018 Annual Awards Ceremony.

Community activity:

  1. For celebrating the 11/11, OLive the new user first-time recharged the diamond can reward OLE tokens.
  2. For celebrating the 11/11, OLive old users can get the proportionate ole reward by recharging the specified number of diamonds. See the event page for details.
  3. At present, the team is developing a community of local social media accounts in Vietnam. The current number is growing steadily, with about 40 new users added every day.
  4. The OLE exclusive user group established with Partner BeeNews has about 700 people.
  5. Experience more VIP-style services, please scan the code to pay attention to the WeChat public account, OLE holders can also directly try to add WeChat administrators, there will be selective review and addition.