Achieving life balance with a creative attitude.

This is my story about how I learned to face life creatively and later become an adman and marketer. FIRST MOMENT — At a very young age when in sixth grade a language teacher gave me as homework to observe and identify the kind of appeals commercials used. Need to nurture, dominate, belong, sex appeal, need for safety, guidance, curiosity etc. for me that was so creative and was my first moment of clarity towards advertising! I was hooked I knew that I wanted to work in advertising in my future and of course saw sex appeal everywhere… well maybe it was just puberty not advertising fault but it worked after 17 years I'm here writing about it.

The most important thing I learned and started doing was to observe people, what kind of appeals they used to get cooperation, favors, and everything they needed from others, what worked what didn’t.

Knowing what to do in the future didn’t stop me from being frustrated… I wouldn't use all those biology, math and science lessons in my future as an advertising professional. Imagine my frustration with formulas and dissecting frogs!…

SECOND MOMENT - Clarity came from a math teacher, he told me “what you are learning is not math, or biology or even art! what you are learning is to see problems from different angles and to find solutions for them! that’s what you will use in life! not formulas”. I can't tell you how much that phrase changed my life.

Right after high school in Guatemala I studied advertising and lived in Brazil from age 18 to 25 I won't talk about those moments of clarity right now if you know what I mean… but I did learned a lot about creativity from the best professionals in the business and in Brazil everything from media, to Brazilian culture, art direction, lightning, photography, administration every single course I took was focused on creativity, had to be clever, short, effective, direct. THIRD MOMENT was very simple “Less words, more meaning”.

I worked in Brazil for two years and then moved to Nicaragua where I got my FOURTH MOMENT of clarity for the business when working at the agency, I remember the manager telling an executive “bring me solutions not problems” and that my friends is what we do everyday whether we work as marketers, advertising or whatever we do. We must bring solutions. Being a creative person is about attitude, is giving solutions to problems.

From that early years at the agency side, then going to work on the client and media side and back to agency as planner. I applied these 4 lessons I learned in life to reach and embrace a creative attitude:

  1. Learn to observe rather than look.
  2. Approach problems from different points of views.
  3. Be direct and create meaning.
  4. Listen and find solutions that best appeal to people.

The most important moment of clarity, this I came to by myself and want to share it with you and hope you take it back to your daily routines. If you want to achieve success and balance in life you must choose to be effective and efficient rather than workaholic, the only step you need to take to achieve that is to embrace a creative attitude in life.

Embrace Creattitude.

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