Happiness is relative…

Imagine yourself walking along a street in your neighborhood. Nothing special is on your mind. You neither feel very good nor very bad. You are just okay with everything, the weather, the situation you are in and the feelings you’ve got. You’re looking forward to a relaxed evening with your family. The wind is tenderly brushing your cheeks and nature, which was turned into a smelly environment from the rain, is filling you nostrils. You recognize a little boy sitting on the edge of a pavement. He doesn’t wear any shoes and his head is buried between his knees.

„Hey buddy, are you okay?“

He looks up to you with eyes full of tears and with a strained expression on his face without saying a word. You immediately feel sad for the little one, forgetting about the weather, the wind, the smell of mother nature and whatever was on your mind before.

„Can I help you?“

With a quick shake of his head he jumps up and runs away, leaving you with a hole in your heart. You try to run after him, but are not able to catch up, giving up on your attempt to help.

The wind seems to be stronger and colder now; the weather seems darker and the smell is gone for the heart tearing situation you find yourself in.

A thousand unanswered questions race through your mind. What has happened? Was he hurt? Did somebody die? Would you have been able to help?

And now you realize how good your life is and how much you can do for others, if you would stop caring for yourself only for some minutes of your life. This is when you start thinking, about how you could make a difference for just one other human being.

Try to help, try to love — and you might be able to prevent one kid from crying about his own misery — that’s worth it!

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