Nest and the Internet of Broken Promises (and how to fix it)
Ajay Kulkarni

Interesting. About six months after the Nest Protect smoke detectors came out, I put some into rental property that sometimes is not occupied. It should be obvious that I was hoping for improved fire safety, whether the property was occupied or not.

We’ve had several false positive alarms. They were not because somebody burned the toast. It was impossible to figure a proximate cause. Nest replaced one and the replacement failed too. They were always at night. The way these Protects work, they all sound when any of them raises an alarm. They are next to impossible to silence.

They’re now in a box wrapped in plastic waiting for their batteries to run down, having been replaced by $40 hardware store smoke detectors. (Regulations here require triple detectors: temp, fumes, smoke).

Internet of things? Not ready for prime time, in my nest at any rate.

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