Hi Oliver!
Martina Pérez

Thanks for answering so quickly!

I’ll check it out, but I was in a mindset where even a single line title’s content can change and the margins will change accordingly if set to auto in Sketch. For example, only the left margin, if set to left align, would always be valid.

Eg : If a title width is set to auto and contains the words “This is a title” on a mobile screen, the right margin could be of 200px (totally inaccurate). But if the same title is later changed to “I am a real title with data”, the right margin would be different right — less than 200px?

I was thinking this method could be a bit “dangerous” — I’m being somewhat nitpicky here — if you’re not considering content changes and if something is placed alongside this title.

Maybe i’m just plain wrong and don’t understand what you mean. If that’s the case, sorry to trouble you :)

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