Such a buzzword these days and for most, it is for those breaking free from their long, repetitive and exam-riddled chapter in their lives — the last chance to grip those youthful fingers onto life before the stereotypically nine-till-five job sets it’s mould.

Imagine packing a bag and traveling across an almost paradoxical world exposing yourself to an amazing way of life stripped of the ubiquitous luxuries of the Western world. India is a great example, the busy cities to the quiet and peaceful towns in isolated locations surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes. For the unlucky that can only wave goodbye to these ‘travellers’ or ‘self-discovers’ they can expect a barrage of photos and videos on their return.

“…an amazing way of life stripped of the ubiquitous luxuries of the Western world.”

Some videos capture the experience perfectly transporting and motivating all who watch. One such example is this one from Simon Samuel who has just returned from a sixth-month adventure and works as a writer and filmmaker.

The edit captures a fantastic portrait of the varying world of India from the wild tuk-tuk’s to the vast scenery all paired to such a fitting soundtrack by Woodkid.

I have been with the moanings of morning commuters and the crowds of clammy suits for a little while now but have had my fair-share sampling India’s outstanding delights. Now back to the busy urban streets, it gives me great pleasure seeing people like Simon out there still exploring.

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