Everything You Need to Know About the Upcoming Zcash Sapling Upgrade: Why It’s So Important and Who’s Activating It

INSIDE: How Zcash’s new upgrade Sapling, set to activate in late October 2018, promises to deliver the most innovative, exciting, and groundbreaking advancements in blockchain privacy technology…and which projects are activating the fork

Sep 21, 2018 · 10 min read
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Coming October 28, 2018

Briefly About Zcash

zk-SNARKs: It’s Forking Privacy

A Sapling Appears

What Sapling Brings & Why it Matters

Faster Shielded Transactions

Shielding a TX in <1 second

Resource Friendly, Performance Improved

Shielding a TX with 40MB RAM

First Ever: Mobile-Capable Privacy

First Ever: IoT-Ready Privacy

Separating the Keys

Securing the Spending Key

Untrusting the Proving Key

Offline Security: Hardware Wallet-Capable z-addresses

Scalability: Outsourcing Complex zk-SNARKS Computing

Viewing Key Improvements

View Outgoing

Privacy + Auditing

Better Addresses, More Efficient Wallets

“Lite” Address Generation

Who‘s Activating Sapling




Final Thoughts

A Fully Shielded, Private-by-default Blockchain

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