The Beauty of Moissanite Engagement Rings

There are a fascination and a correlation between engagements and diamonds. But there has been an increased demand for moissanite engagement rings of late. They have more variety, which affords more people options when they are looking for such a ring. They make for beautiful, luxurious, elegant and stylish rings. Your spouse will enjoy such an offering.

While moissanite engagement rings may not be made from diamonds, they are nonetheless made from a unique stone as well. This stone acts as a replacement for the diamonds normally used for such purposes. They are more costly than cubic zirconium, but not as costly as the traditional diamond option. It also comes with a tougher surface than what cubic zirconia manages. They have also managed to achieve a higher luster, shine, and brightness, as well as refraction, than diamonds. Some are colorless enough to confuse those who are not conversant with the features of diamonds. They have a natural shade to them and look better than cubic zirconia. You will find some moissanite stones that have acquired a gray or green color when placed under direct sunlight. The most popular representation option for this stone is on a platinum ring. It has found many buyers. It also makes it easy to accessorize it due to the silver color. It will also manage to keep its luster for longer, thus always presenting you with a fresh look all the time. Such a design will gracefully stand the test of time.

This mineral originally came to earth through a lane meteorite. It was discovered by a scientist who went to investigate the site, where he found small quantities of it. It got its name moissanite as a way to honor his discovery. His name was Dr. Henri Moissan. Visit this website at for more facts about engagement rings.

Due to the small quantities of the mineral, it could not be used to make the jewelry. They had to come up with ways of manufacturing it in labs. This trend has been going on for a long time since. Their manufacturing process has been perfected and made to produce more affordable stones. This also increases their appeal over diamonds regarding pricing. It is also shiny and has better luster, which has helped it win over the hearts of many ladies.

The moissanite engagement rings have given so many people a better alternative when it comes to asking the all-important question. When you set out to buy one, you will not lack for options. What you need to concern yourself with is the answer you shall be getting.