Becoming an Organizer for CodebarNYC

One of the best thing I did in 2017 — I have been organizing coding workshops and running Codebar New York Chapter with two wonderful friends Sam and Bronson. I introduced Codebar in my previous newsletter. As we wrapped up the last workshop on Thursday and it’s 6th for me as an organizer. It’s always a fun time. We see new members joining us every week. Codebarnyc has been growing fast in real life and on social. Follow us on Instagram.

We visited the world best tech and creative offices in New York City, such as BARKER,Pivotal Labs, Google,ustwo,Handy, thoughtworks, 8th Light NYC, Work & Co,Position Development. ✌️

Now the average attendant is about 30 people per workshop and we always aim to achieve the biggest for the next one. We doubled the numbers of attendance since Codebar started in summer.

By hosting Codebar, I have gained more than what I have given to it. Programming is a skill that everyone should be able to pick up. It’s like you want to learn to swim. It’s a achievable outcome through regular practice. I am far from writing a full script on my own. However, it dramatically improved my problem solving skills.

I found myself into data analytic when I started my career in media. However, repetitive data entries and cleaning process often take a big chunk of the time. Since I started learning Python and SQL, it gave me a freedom to test hypothesis. Being able to test on hypothesis and ideas made easier to turn the analytics into recommendation, even solutions. Ultimately, it’s a intuitive. It’s a valuable one since it’s associated with diversified information I have been consuming.

I dedicated my time to 3 different organizations in 2017. Codebar is my favorite and the most successful side project. It’s a creative community being supported by people in many ways. We have the food catering, amazing space, developers who volunteer their time, students who eager to learn. For organizers, it’s easy to create fun projects and brainstormed the features.

Next year, we will have an lighting talk from experienced developer, social gathering, and successful stories from students. We believe to build the community where people truly care for each other.

Olivia Xiaodan Meng

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Olivia writes about media, technology (Product) and culture. Product hunt is the daily addiction.