How did I learn about Negotiation?

I can’t stop wondering how many of young people are good at negotiation. The internet made things easier and accessible. In this customer-centric world, the information is much more transparency than ever before. It seems that we can always find a better deal as long as we read the reviews, do the research, find the online tutorials.

We rarely need to negotiate anything because we are always on the buy side. We are buyers. There are million of ways for us to find ‘a fair price.’

So how can we get paid? We get paid from our jobs. We get paid by doing our works well.

In the job market, People often keep the compensation as a top privacy. However, I do think we should know how much our coworkers are making, and we should be willing to share this information with our coworker as well.

Negotiation is one of the most critical survival skill. It’s impossible to learn it without the practices or insights. People need to be comfortable with the rejections, at least, we should be mentally prepared for this.

Many apps help us to cut the negotiation process. Here is list of the learning resources that boost your negotiation skills:

  1. Coursera- Introduction to Negotiation by Yale University:
  • The vivid animation tutorials are so helpful. It’s not like a lecture recording. The graphics helps to illustrate ideas.
  1. Highly recommended book: Ask For It: How Women Can Use the Power of Negotiation to Get What They Really Want
  • mainly focus on salary negotiation
  • workplace promotion
  • corporate communication
  • interview tips
  1. My Crazy Office podcast
  • 20 minutes quick tips on the workplace questions

I’ve also been actively listening to the HBR Ideacast podcast. They have a broad range of topics. They offer great insights about the job market, corporate communication.

So far I can’t really measure how much my negotiation skills have been improved, but I developed a new perspective about negotiations. I feel much stronger and confident when it comes to the negotiate. I can think critically and analyze the situation objectively. I understand my goal better, so I am more comfortable to speak up about my values and what I’d like to have.

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