Save Your Time and Buy Flowers According to the Zodiac Sign

No matter what’s the reason behind buying flowers, every time we do so, we can feel quite overwhelmed by the number of flowers that lay before us. Should we choose bouquet or a pot? Well decorated or with more elegant look? And what colour scheme should we consider? There are so many options, and every single one looks appealing.

So we often pick some random flower. This is like playing a lottery — the chances are you won’t win.

The simplest solution to this riddle is to pick flowers according to the zodiac sign. There’s no way you would do wrong. And it’s a good topic for a conversation.

Aries [March 21 — April 20]

Tiger lilies are very fragrant

Basically, you should know one thing — Arieses are a dangerous specie. They are famous for being easily irritated, ambitious, impulsive, stubborn, artistic and are born leaders. They have an amazing sense of humor. But they can go ballistic faster than your thought after a cup of coffee. Aries are fire sign that embodies passion, confidence and inner determination. You can appeal to their inner flame by flower arrangements with orange flowers. Tiger lilies are great example. Add to that Indian paintbrush vine, and you’re all set.

Taurus [April 21 — May 20]

You can’t go wrong with roses

If these stubborn and determined creatures are mad at you, they may refuse even the simple gift of flowers. They will go miles just to show you how wrong you are and teach you a lesson. But you can melt their hearts again, by giving them romantic roses, poppies or fragrant lilies. This alone will be enough to straighten everything up. But don’t you dare making the same mistakes again, as this time, it will be much harder to win Tauruses back.

Gemini [May 21 — June 21]

This Celosia bouquet is simply stunning

This is a tricky one. Gemini tend to have many faces, so it’s hard to know to which should you appeal. They are highly unpredictable and love to be the center of the universe. You will know that someone is Gemini by their rather exaggerated stories. They constantly are doing something, and often — more than one thing. You can grab their attention with unusual flowers, such as alliums, celosia and goldenrod. To complement them, you can add maiden hair fern. Gemini’s curious and adventurous side will love uniquely shaped and exciting bouquets. So you better not show up with some boring daisies.

Cancer [June 22 — July 22]

The purity of calla lilies is unquestionable

This sweet, nurturing and funny sign is easy to get along with. So you will hopefully have only good occasions to give them flowers. You can appeal to their traits by giving them white flowers that symbolize purity and harmony, particularly roses and lilies. But as every coin has its opaque side, Cancerians have one too. If you step on their toe, you better be prepared for them to fight back. You can win them again with fresh bouquet of irises and Queen Anne’s lace.

Leo [July 23 — August 22]

As bright as the sun. Sunflowers are the best option for Leos

As the name suggests, this zodiac sign is a natural leader. Leos are proud, fearless creatures that are loyal to the end. Do you know someone like that? If you want to please them, you can give them flowers, that represent strength and will for life. Like sunflowers that stretch for sunlight every day. The vibrant colour of orange gerbera, that is simply piercing, is also a great hit. Bold is the key word in which you can describe their taste. So as long you stick to that, you won’t be wrong.

Virgo [August 23 — September 23]

Although cold toned, hydrangeas can melt every heart

They are most charming and witty creatures, but the one quality that stands above all this, is perfectionism. In everything. Their attention to detail is quite famous and can be annoying. So be warned — everything has to look at its best if you want to please them. When it comes to what flowers to choose, you should remember that packaging is almost as important as the flowers themselves. And talking about flowers, Virgo’s will definitely like pretty ones. Those might be chrysanthemums, blue hydrangeas and everything that is bright and colourful.

Libra [September 24 — October 23]

Simple, yet elegant. Tulips can never go out of style

With their refined taste and tendency to seek balance in everything, Libra individuals will appreciate more simple, yet beautiful flowers. The scent of the plants plays a huge role as well. That’s why you will do well to choose more “ordinary” but fragrant flowers. Daisies with large blossoms, tulips and asters that have amazing colours are a win-win choice. To tie everything together, you can add feather fern or Italian ruscus.

Scorpio [October 24 — November 22]

Everything unusual catches Scorpio’s eye. Strelitzias are not an exception

You can say that these guys are passionate and mysterious types. With their strong intuition and intense appearance they are drawn by more exotic and bold looking types of flowers. If you want to express your appreciation of this sign by giving flowers, you should choose ones with more dramatic looks. Strelitzias and arum lilies are amazing example. You can present them as they are, without further decoration. But if you choose to buy a bouquet, consider gerberas and stargazer lilies.

Sagittarius [November 23 — December 21]

Deep toned rose bouquet. Exactly what Sagittarius love

Those freedom loving creatures are the third and last of the fire signs. They are extremely wise, have very powerful energy and are keen adventurers. More deep toned flowers will be a great choice as they have a hint of mystery too. And as we all know, adventures go with mystery. Purple is the colour to choose. Pick up lavender roses, alliums and lilies. You can balance the deepness of the bouquet with fresh green fern.

Capricorn [December 22 — January 20]

Chrysanthemums are a great choice when it comes to Capricorn

If you know a person that is witty, goal-oriented and ambitious that will probably be a Capricorn. They can be very materialistic, so the more impressive your flower gift is, the better. Decoration is important and adds points to the final purchase. Capricorns will feel most flattered if you give them roses, chrysanthemums and trilliums. Professionals suggest to add final touches with baby’s breath and love-lies-bleeding flowers.

Aquarius [January 21 — February 19]

Orchids are graceful flowers that will win Aquariuses’ attention

This highly intellectual sign is anything but conventional. They tend to be very independent, straight forward and love to be unpredictable. Surprise them with arrangements that contain tullips and sunny daffodils. I know this sounds quite simple and I will explain why. You should add a pinch of greenery or unusual ornaments to balance the whole look. Another way to express your love and high value of Aquariuses is by picking orchids that represent grace. Simple hint — orchids are most beautiful on their own. Bonsai trees are also a good choice.

Pisces [February 20 — March 20]

Pisces loves everything that is beautiful. But they have their quirks too

You can spot a Pisces from a far — compassionate, sensitive, with dreamy nature and with a bit of strangeness in them. They love and admire everything that is beautiful and unusual. They will enjoy whatever you choose to give them, but if you choose wisely you can really touch their hearts. Their spiritual side will be compelled by water lilies and orchids. However, flower arrangements can also include clemantis, lilac and wisteria. Overall bouquet design should have some sort of a statement piece and should be eye-catching.

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