3 Free Apps to Save $$ on Gas

Car gasoline is a necessary evil for most Americans. It can either be a small inconvenience or the bane of our existence depending on gas prices, but we’re here to help. Here are three free apps that will help you save money on gas. Hey, it adds up!

1. Gas Buddy

The OG gas app, GasBuddy, will always be #1 in our hearts. Using user-reported data, this app will find the cheapest gas near your location. Using this app may help you save up to $150 a year alone by finding the best gas deals. That’s a lot of Chipotle burritos right there.

2. Waze

Traffic equals a lot of wasted time and money. Also, constant acceleration and deceleration is a major gas killer. Make sure you’re taking the most time (and gas) efficient route by using an app like Waze.

Since they gather user-reported information, you’ll always have the latest traffic updates from the Waze community.

3. AAA TripTik

Even if you’re not a AAA member, you can get access to a lot of their trip perks using the TripTik app. You can use a lot of their resources to plan longer road trips based on best priced gas stations, electric charging stations, and you can even get roadside assistance via the app if you’re a AAA member.

Have any other tips or tricks to save on gas? Share in the comments!

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