4 Life-Changing Chipotle Lifehacks

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If you’ve been following us on social media, you’ll notice we’ve been posting a lot of practical money-saving tips. We post a lot of tips like saving money on cable, student loans, groceries, and going out with friends. But this is by far our most requested topic, so by popular demand, we present four ways to make the most of your order from Chipotle. You’re welcome.

Four life-changing Chipotle lifehacks:

  1. Order Online

The lunch rush at Chipotle is no joke. If you live in a major city, your time in line can range anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes — majorly cutting into your lunchtime. If you order online, your burrito can be ready in as little as 15 minutes, and you get to snag your meal at the front of the line. That way, you can enjoy that delicious carnitas goodness at the park and not waiting in line. And time is $$.

2. Ask for both types of rice and beans.

When you ask for both types of rice and both types of beans, it’s proven to get an average of 92% more beans and rice. (That’s almost like another burrito right there.) Don’t believe us? We have sources.

Source: ApartmentList

3. Ask for a burrito bowl with a tortilla on the side.

For you seasoned Chipotle veterans, this may be an obvious thing. But for those of you who have NOT taken advantage of this, prepare for your world to be changed. If you order a burrito bowl and ask for one (or even two if you’re feeling crazy) tortilla on the side, you’ll basically get two burritos for the price of one.

4. Sign up for Chipotle text messages.

Every week or so they send an offer via text message that includes anything from BOGO to free Guac or contests to win free burritos for a year.

You can sign up for texts at the footer of the website here: https://chipotle.com/

Fellow Chipotle enthusiasts: do you have anything else to add? Let us know.

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