Tempr, the app to #hashtag your life

And if we had more #qualities than we think? And if we deserved to be known for our personality? Tempr is the first mobile application enabling to freely #hashtag your friends or yourself according to the event : #KingOfTableFootball #Brave #LovingMyLastDress #InABadMood #CrazyDancer etc. All our friends can vote the #hashtags that are given to us. Tempr automatically creates our profile based on the best of voted #hashtags per friend on the last 15 days or over the past year. Tempr is primarily a caring application revealing our personality through our friends.

Every friend is #unique
“Compliments are recognition that we all need”

We have every day the opportunity to tell a story about friends or ourselves. The new haircut, the last dress, buying fun, crazy night, the joke of the moment, friendly colleague, cute kids, sporting achievement, the last trip, last passed exams are all events that lend themselves to give compliments to our friends. Tempr helps give us or our friends one, two or three #hashtags related to a photo or video of an event. There is no general”Like” button per post. Within the feed of posts, our friends can vote each #hashtag independently by clicking those that seem most relevant to the story. Tempr is another way to tell our story and to express our emotions.

Some voted #hashtag and a typical profile with the best #hashtag for a user
“The evolving profile of each user is unique, such as DNA”

The Tempr app builds our profile depending on the vote of the #hashtags appreciated by our friends over the last fortnight. At a glance, we can see the profile of each buddy and know its news through its best #hashtags of the moment. From the profile, click on a #hashtag provides access to all publications which it is cited, and thus experience the complete story of our friends. If you have the same #hashtag in two different posts, Tempr adds in your profile the number of votes received for this same #hashtag. Tempr also proposes an algorithm through automatic selection of our best #qualities on a one-year period, available in our profile. We see our profiles evolving over time depending on events in our lives: our profile today will not be the same as in 5 days or 1 year.

“A beautiful app, fun and easy”

The Tempr application offers a clear design based on a sliding flow of news, borrowing colors blending kindness and creativity to serve us, our friends and our lives. Through the navigation bar we can quickly access our profile, the ability to ‘Temp’ someone (to give #quality to a friend), the search function to find friends that are already on Tempr and the notifications tab. The use is based on the interactions between friends “you give me #hashtags, I will give you some” very playful way. Tempr brings a new altruistic experience and leaves us free to make up our own hashtags by calls for creativity.

“An application that respects us”

Tempr protects us from bashing or cyberbullying. Anonymity is prohibited and only the friends that we accept can give and see #hashtags about us.

We have the ability to report a publication and / or remove any post that concerns us. We are the only ones with the ability to share on existing social networks (Facebook & Twitter) #hashtags about us.

We can at any time delete our account in a irreversibly way. Tempr erases all our personal data and stories (valued #hashtags, comments, profile) during the deletion of our account.

Thanks for your time. #YouAreTooKind


About us

Tempr is a startup founded by 4 people who strongly believe you have more #qualities than you think. Tempr will be available in beta version on iOS in June 2016.

Visit Tempr : http://www.tempr.co

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