Case Study: Dengen Chronicles

The process behind classic vs smart programmatic

Matchable develop a Player Engagement Platform, helping Game Developers/Publishers to reduce churn and increase average revenue per user (ARPU), by ultra-personalizing the gaming experience.

Mangatar is a ground-breaking Italian game company and publisher which selects the best indie teams and developers for casual and mid-core games on mobile devices, PC and connected TVs. Aiming to create a real hub of gems, Mangatar supports the development of new titles, providing skills and solutions.
The Mangatar team tailors specific go-to-market strategies for small teams and game studios, focusing also on the post-launch phases to consolidate the results — from empowering the gaming community to integrating the company’s technology solutions.
Dengen Chronicles is an innovative engaging Online Customizable Card Game in the Manga universe, including both TCG and RPG elements. The players challenge real opponents in turn-based matches or play against the computer and gain coins and experience points.

Already in analytics

Mangatar believes the challenge for indie game developers is not only to get a lot of players at the launch of their game but mainly to retain them and keep them engaged.

The company had previously developed its own tools for in-game testing but found these “too difficult to manage and update”, and they distracted resources from their core activity of making games. They were doing all of the data analysis and campaign execution manually, by generating player segment lists and exporting them to the marketing execution platforms.
Rather than pursuing with this time consuming process, Mangatar switched to Matchable’s A/B test and Smart strategic features. Mangatar could then use Matchable’s to deliver real-time campaigns to predefined audiences and to track the effects of the campaign.

Predictives targeting

Mangatar’s team completed the integration of the Matchable’s API in less than a day thanks to the Matchable’s Unity SDK, then with the Matchable’s dashboard, they were able to export the first set of data, to debug the collection of events, and to make sure to correctly trigger matchable adjustments. After seven days of data collection the API started to deliver the first recommendations.
Mangatar wanted to increase the player retention by offering a special promotion, while not leaving money on the table by offering the promotion to all players.

Without predictive targeting, each segment has equal concentration of a uture behaviour. By using Matchable, Mangatar’s team could run more effective targeting retention campaigns, the CTO of Mangatar Enrico Rossomando could push the in-game promo to likely churners, and uses A-B test to gauge results.

Smart triggering vs classic analytics

Mangatar had already been doing basic customer segmentation (for example, based on last login and payment behavior) and communicating with customers via a number of different channels (including email, push notifications and Facebook Custom Audiences).
Before using Matchable, Mangatar’s team could spend almost 10 per month on the daily data analysis. They had to do this through SQL, which took 1 or 2 minutes to run for each query. With different parameters and over 20 metrics, just to interpret the trends of their players, it was a huge task.
Then they had to decide on the adjustments of the game design parameters, a huge time consuming enterprise.
And after all that, they needed to apply the modifications of the game and go through the complete app store resubmission process, and it could take a week.

With Matchable, Mangatar was able to create a campaign to get more borderline churners to stay in game in two clicks. The adjustments were triggered by Matchable’s smart strategies feature; Mangatar reduced by six the time dedicated to daily analytics, with a better efficiency on the retention and the revenue. metrics. It was a really huge task, but with Matchable, it was completed in just two clicks.

Benefits by the numbers

The campaign has taken place for 90 days from Jan. to March 2016, Mangatar has covered 50% (the other 50% was the control group) of their D+1 players, via nearly 1000 personalized actions out of a total population of 11K players.

The results of this highly-focused marketing system are impressive.

About the player engagement:

Increase of over 29% in average player in-game actions

About the retention:

Increase of 20% of D30 retention (monthly rolling retention)

About the monetization (global):

- Increase of 75% of the revenue
- Increase of 119% of the ARPDAU
- Increase of 128% of the ARPPU

Enrico Rossomando (Mangatar’s CTO):

“It is like having an extra analytics person in the team, as complex tasks can be undertaken in a few minutes, work that would have taken 3–4 hours by hand.”