Thoughts on feedback and working with other designers.

Working in a strong creative-lead environment can give any designer a massive boost to help them to grow and mature their craft. By having other designers help to challenge your perceptions and ideas you can work passionately to grow and develop your work. Exploring new avenues of ideas you would never have considered working solo.

For a lot of new designers this can start by feeling very personal. Opening up your unfinished work for critical feedback can feel quite negative. Yet this is an attitude you have to work to overcome.

Why feedback is so important

Having an open mind will help you to better…

My thoughts on why it became quite so popular.

The Daily UI challenge was easily one of the biggest design trends in 2015. Popularised by Paul Nechita’s 100 Day UI Challenge, it immediately exploded in popularity, flooding peoples Twitter, Dribbble and inspiration feeds with designs that didn’t really solve any actual design problems.

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The top 8 results after searching ‘#dailyui’ on Dribbble

Now the trend has peaked, we can start to examine just why it became so popular.

As designers we’re either working as an employee of a company or as a freelancer being contracted in to solve a problem. Usually when we’re in one of these scenarios, we’ll be working on something, but due to agreements and contracts, we’re not allowed to share or publicise the work while it’s in development and occasionally…

Is it a forum for improvement or a popularity contest?

Dribbble seems to have adopted a strange place in our minds as of late. There‘s some sort of energy shift happening. Have you felt it? Shifting the general consensus of what Dribbble wants itself to be and how we should be using it to our advantage.

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What do I mean?

If you’ve been a user of Dribbble for the past few years, I’m sure you’ll have noticed something is becoming increasingly wrong with the platform. Something toxic seeping into the cogs.

The confusion really boils down to the following question.

Is this site supposed to be about feedback or showing off?

At the time…

Using Custom Search Engines

A feature I’ve found myself using daily in Chrome is the ability to add your own custom search engines. However many people seem unaware of this little function but now use it everyday to quickly search some of my most popular and visited sites.

Try typing into your address bar and pressing space. See the Search message? Whatever you type next will automatically take you to the Amazon search results.

So how can we control this? How can we, for example, type a*space* and search Amazon?

If you visit your Chrome preferences you’ll see a little section titled…

Ollie Barker

Designer at Capsule.

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